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About Us

If you live in Orlando you probably know there is as many lawn care companies on every corner as there is tourists, Spoiler alert none are environmentally friendly. Green Power Landscape Maintenance was founded with the ideal that there had to be a better way to take care of our beautiful Landscapes without compromising the environment or our sensitive eco-systems and water sources. That there needed to be change in a local industry which has not made much effort. Our mission is simple maintain the land as we are supposed to, so that future generations will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes we do today.


What does that mean? it means we only use emission free electric equipment which we mainly charge via an intricate SOLAR system on our utility trailers, reducing every client we service down to zero pollution while maintaining their landscapes. We practice organic fertilizing and pest control to promote optimal soil and lawn health, and providing them safe areas for their little ones to play on. Green Power Landscape Maintenance is Orlando's cleanest alternative to traditional landscape maintenance services. We cut carbon pollution from landscape maintenance keeping the air clean and promoting healthy beautiful Landscapes. #NoMowPollution