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Interesting facts about traditional lawn care maintenance

  • 1 commercial lawn mower running for an hour is the equivalent of running 88 new model cars at 55 MPH for an hour.

  • A two-stroke gasoline powered leaf blower generates as much tailpipe emissions around your home in 1 hour as a car does over a 350 mile trip. 

  • Weedeaters, blowers, and hedge trimmers release 25%-30% of their evaporated oil and gas into the air, contributing  to low level air pollution which can increase the risk of lung disease.

  • Lawn Mowers consume 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline annually. 

  • Ground level ozone can affect everyone and increase the risk of lung disease, specially with Infants, Older adults,  Children who play outdoors and people who exercise and work outdoors. Those with existing conditions are specially sensitive to this.

  • The US Lawn care industry accounts for over 5%-10% of the nations air pollution.

  • 12 of the most popular pesticides in the United States have ingredients known to cause cancer.

  • Synthetic fertilizers pollute local water sources and deteriorate soils organic matter within time. Making your lawn more vulnerable to disease, droughts, and other issues.

  • 17 million gallons of fuel, mostly gasoline, are spilled each year while refueling lawn care equipment.

  • Leaf Blowers and other lawn care equipment can emit 100DB of noise sometimes more, EPA recommends people be exposed to no more than 70DB of enviromental noise in 24 hours.